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Beyond Chinese language

Come and join 1000's of professionals from all over the world

Bridge TC About

Lakeside Institute & Workplus Global developed together  strategic Chinese business language classes and business cultural educational workshops for learners around the world through online access and offline experiences.

The learning & practice based institute makes it easy for everyone to experience China and offers courses for all levels and learning styles.

Their mission is to help learners everywhere break down barriers, discover global perspectives, and expand their horizons by learning Chinese

Golden Bridge to China by Workplus
Bridge TC - Why LSI

Why Golden Bridge To China?


GBTC focuses on building an engaged company community that supports the professional learning, enriches their experience, and makes participants feel at home while learning to see language as a tool for leadership and growth


GBTC is more than a language school program. It’s a learning center to prepare  teams and entrepreneurs with modern Chinese knowledge, Insights and networks for their careers and business in China


Team GBTC works closely with diverse learners to understand their needs, optimise their learning outcomes, and make it easier for them to learn Chinese and succeed in China

while using expert teaching, online and offline solutions and hands on experience.

Bridge TC Programs


Contact Us

777 South Flagler Drive             

West Palm Beach , FL                                                  

United States, 33417

Tel: +1 561 932 8117

Tel: +1 570 502 0753

19 Papír Utca 

Budapest, Hungary, EU 1165

Tel: + 36 20 9414614

5 Goldington Road, Bedford,

United Kingdom, MK40 3JY

Tel: +1 732 9414614

No.5 Building, Hangzhou

Jinrong xiaozhen Phase II area,

Xianghu Lake, Hangzhou,

Zhejiang, China 310000

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