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Who is Workplus?

Workplus Global operates a premium HR/Recruitment & Business Development Consultant agency with offices in 4 countries. We are experts at recruiting, training also company development. Team Members are all qualified, professional, and skilled people with high work ethics and outstanding networking system worldwide.

Where are your local Offices?

We have two agencies in Europe; our main office is in Naples, US, with a second branch located in Palm Beach. We also available for service in Hangzhou, China thanks to our partners-Taro Rota & LSI

What recruitment services do you offer to employers?

We offer a wide range of recruitment solutions which include:

Contingent recruitment: for 1 – 4 vacancies

Multiple hiring: for 5 + vacancies

Contracting: for short-term hiring

Recruitment Process Outsourcing: fully managed recruitment service

Executive Search: specialist head hunting department for C-suite, and functional heads

What sectors or industries do you recruit for?

Each year we place hundreds of professional candidates into permanent and contract roles across a broad range of industries and job categories. These include:

  • Accountancy & Finance

  • Architecture

  • Banking & Financial institutions

  • Construction

  • Digital Technology

  • Emiratisation

  • Engineering

  • Executive Search

  • Facilities Management

  • Healthcare

  • HR

  • IT

  • Legal

  • Marketing

  • Office Support

  • Oil & Gas

  • Property

  • Sales

  • Supply Chain & Logistics

What is the importance of having Business Development Advisor?

The primary reason why any business wants to involve a business consultant is due to expert business strategies.A business consultant possesses extensive knowledge of market dynamics. Also, they are capable of conducting market research that helps to analyze the market situation. This helps to gauge the potential market hence create a strategy to ensure benefits to the organization.

What is a feasibility study?

This is a preliminary business plan used to answer the question “Should I do that?” It includes facts and projections that outline what will happen IF something is done. It allows a businessperson to look at probable results before anything is done to produce those results. These studies can be brief or lengthy.

Why would a company hire a Business Development Advisor?

The primary reason why any business wants to involve a business consultant is due to expert business strategies. A business consultant is adept with the market trend and the potential methods that can be implemented.

Is it cost effective to hire a Business Development Advisor?

Yes, it is. Involving a business consultant saves time and helps the enterprise take the right decision without wasting time to arrive at the solution. Being an expert, a consultant gives unique solution appropriate for the situation. It is both time-saving and cost-effective in hiring a business consultant rather than creating an internal department for the same purpose.

What is the use of Team Building Activities?

Team building activities are most implemented to:

Improve communication and interpersonal skills within a group

Provide an environment for healthy competition between members of a group

Boost productivity within a team

Promote innovation and creativity

Test a team in unforeseen situations

“Give something back” to one’s employees

Are Team Building Activities Effective?

The short answer is YES, team building activities can be highly effective for a business. Team building is not a one-model-fits-all strategy. Team building relies entirely on the participating group and the identified flaws of that group. Its success can only be measured on a case by case manner. 

Executive coaching is the development of an organizational leader through an ongoing relationship between an executive coach and the client. It focuses on the client developing their vision, goals, and desires. Coaching uses a process of dialogue and questioning to build the client’s level of awareness and responsibility. This working relationship provides the client with purpose, structure, and feedback.

Companies hire coaches to advance the leadership capabilities of their executives. Specifically coaches are used to enhance career development, retain high-potential employees, correct performance issues and support leadership transitions.

Why does a company needs Branding Advisor?

Branding is rooted in authenticity. That means you need to know yourself as company– before you can start building your brand. Getting clear on your brand requires focused introspection and uncensored  external feedback. A good Advisor will deliver those and assist you create your company's brand strategy.

Who needs Trade Show Support and Why?

Specialty trade shows bring out a variety of companies within a similar area of expertise. While this could result in a lineup of competitive brands, it may also mean potential partners.

With our support, trade shows will educate you on the ways you can be better, in order to compete with similar brands.

Does a company needs Export Promotional Strategy & Services

Yes, indeed.In export promotion strategy, external demand is the source of activity. Export promotion focuses only on potential industries for developing and competing with foreign countries. The main point of the export promotion strategy is to make production for international trade and increases export.

Why would a company use Workplus for Local Office Set-Up &

Representation Services

A new office acts as a center of information. As an information center, the office provides pertinent and sufficient information to customers, clients and prospective customers and clients. The office can also receive information from customers and clients regarding the organisation’s products or services. Team Workplus has key ready solutions for most countries worldwide, saving time, money and unnecessary "pit stops" for the project&client likewise.

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