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Wok Style

Beyond Traditional  Recipe Clubs

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The First Fusion-Cooking & Social Club in the European Union

KOW About

Workplus & BOOOK Publishing helps you to bring the sweet & savoury fusion flavours of Hungary and China into your own home with  Chefs Chen & Janos, Translator Leo and Pete & Borisz  as your culinary and cultural hosts!

Each Month, You can prepare for a day of learning, indulgence and self pampering as you are introduced to to

  • Mind-blowing fusion recipes and fun group cooking experience,

  • Cultural transitional classes to understand European culture and mindset better

  • Premium Hungarian Brands with Exclusive Products & Services at our live displays and shows

Members are welcome to bring a guest ! Alcoholic and Non Alcoholic beverages will be provided during club hours.

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KOW Why to join?

Why to Join Our Social Club


Many people join social clubs as a way to get to know people and make friends. If you have just moved into a new community, joining our club can give you a way to connect and find people with common interests like gourmet fusion cooking.


"Kitchen of Wonders" is more than simply a cooking club. It’s also a learning center to prepare freshly arrived foreigners and expats  likewise with practical knowledge, Insights and networks for their better life and success in EU


Our Team works closely with European and Chinese Chefs to create new, exciting recipes month after after month. We work only with premium ingredients .

BOOOK Kitchen is an exclusive facility specifically designed for cooking shows & classes with easy access and parking

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KOW Grab a Friend and Join the Club

Grab a Friend and Join The Club

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Contact Us

777 South Flagler Drive             

West Palm Beach , FL 

United States, 33417

Tel: +1 561 932 8117

Tel: +1 570 502 0753

19 Papír Utca 

Budapest, Hungary, EU 1165

Tel: + 36 20 9414614

5 Goldington Road, Bedford,

United Kingdom, MK40 3JY

Tel: +1 732 9414614

No.5 Building, Hangzhou

Jinrong xiaozhen Phase II area,

Xianghu Lake, Hangzhou,

Zhejiang, China 310000

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