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Fists in Solidarity

Lean into each other's strengths

Workplus Strategic Partnership benefits everyone

 Businesses, Employees and Customers.

Businesses broaden their relevance & increase their Addressable Market

Customers benefit from the Strengths

Offerings each Organization brings to the table

Employees can expand their development opportunities

Our Partners - About

    About our Partners    

It was always important to our company to deepen ties between complementary businesses, foster collaboration and longevity, and allow companies to offer services and solutions that help their customers and other businesses become more successful.


The reality of today's business landscape shows that partnerships are key to better serving customers by merging talent, expertise, technology and purpose. While the rewards are great, strategic partnerships require thoughtful consideration to ensure success is achieved. That is why we are only working with the finest.


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Our partners - Locations


European Union & UK

There are clear gaps in emerging markets like Eastern Europe that can be filled with foreign companies' products and services. Even developed Europe & UK has certain weak spots that create opportunities for non EU companies.

United States of America

In the US, open communication seems conducive to innovation and improvement. Challenging the status quo, new ideas and progress are all actively encouraged.

People's Republic of China

As the world’s second largest economy and a vital trading partner for many countries, China is an obvious choice for anyone looking to expand their business overseas.

Our Partners - Partner intros

  Meet Some of Our Partners  


VGD's aim is to support you and your company to achieve your goals by offering effective solutions in the context of a long-term, supportive and cooperative partnership – and even to become a European or global market player.

taro rota logo.jpg

Taro-Rota - Helps you to connect and promote your brand to your Chinese key audience in CH, Shanghai

Experience and know-how in working with chinese and western companies ranging from small and medium sized to multinational corporations in a multitude of sectors.


EPGD Law -Provider of effective legal results to businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals in the US, Miami

EPGD Law provides representation and assistance to businesses, corporations, employers, consumers, and individuals with the resources and sophistication of a large firm combined with the individualised service and responsiveness of a boutique.


LSI - Their mission is to help learners expand their horizons by learning Chinese in Hangzhou, CH

LSI is a new kind of Chinese school – one that emphasises collaboration, communication, and entrepreneurship, not just grammar and test scores. As a rising tech hub with a high livability rating and a growing population of skilled expats, Hangzhou was the perfect location for such a school. The Lakeside Institute was named after Hangzhou’s iconic West Lake.
viridis logo.png

Viridis Global - Sustainability system of the Future in

San Francisco, US

The Viridis Living System is a pathway to clean water, green energy and pristine food for the health of our body, zero-waste practices for the health of our environment, and alternative means of exchange for the health of our economy.
logo afma.jpg

AFMA - originated from a project of independence and freedom of thought

in Lisboa, EU

At AFMA, they believe that the upside of law practice lies in the personalised expression of each of their lawyers.In fact, its one of the the key factor in the relationship with their clients at all times. Their versatile portfolio of projects and clients makes them an exceptional choice in Portugal.

Contact Us

777 South Flagler Drive

West Palm Beach , FL 

United States, 33417

Tel: +1 561 932 8117

19 Papír Utca 

Budapest, Hungary, EU 1165

Tel: + 36 20 9414614

5 Goldington Road, Bedford,

United Kingdom, MK40 3JY

Tel: +1 732 9414614

No.5 Building, Hangzhou

Jinrong xiaozhen Phase II area,

Xianghu Lake, Hangzhou,

Zhejiang, China 310000

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