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Alliance for Cancer Free Europe - The Viribus Unitis Project 2022/2023

As at any other companies around the globe, it's no different at WORKPLUS GLOBAL - Custom Solutions either.

Almost every member of our team carries the sudden loss of a loved one to some form of cancer.

Coming from that perspective and seeing #cancer taking a toll on our society daily, we believe it's not surprising,

That we started an alliance a couple of months ago for international #academicresearch & development - collaborating with #medtech#socialsciences#psychooncology#cancerpatient non-profits and as a unit - setting new goals, effective guidelines & tools to tackle some of the mayor causes our generation is facing.

Why are we saying that?

Because looking forward to the fast approaching future, we need to set lofty goals in #awareness programs - #early#detection/ #screening & its communication to the public also the care of cancer patients.

The evolution of #psychosocial#oncology as a discipline and the implementation of international standards of cancer care will take much hard and sustained work as well as both human and financial resources.

We believe, that #psychosocial#oncology will bring a new perspective in the future in everyday cancer #treatment work.

As we also experienced first hand as project managers of the project, cancer care professionals need to work with all #professional, #political, and #business communities to conduct research and disseminate the #benefits of #psychosocial#care to #patients, institutions, and governments to get power of unity in funding, participation, effectiveness and more.

We will try to create a small cultural shift in delivery of care to the cancer patient. Combined Power of Social Sciences, Psycho oncology and Clinical Oncology also related pro and non-profits is essential to this change.

Supportive programs for the public, patients & health professionals set by professional units are moving to practice thanks to the EU #horizoneurope program and our ally would like to join the great "Crowd of Intellectuals" to generate value to the EU community .

To set our project to its #fullpotential will be critical in driving the agenda.

We believe that dedication to international research & development work will expedite the inclusion of psychosocial oncology in the best practice of comprehensive cancer care of the 21. century.

Hope you got an excellent week behind yourself:)

Good Luck Everyone!


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