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Are You a Critic of Yourself?

Do you criticize yourself a lot?

It’s tempting to think that if you’re tough on yourself, you’ll #perform better. But self-criticism can ruin your #mood, #focus, and #productivity if you let it. Try to take a more balanced approach to evaluating your own #performance with these strategies.

Avoid generalization. Resist the urge to zero in on a single negative event and instead consider your performance on aggregate. Think of a bell curve: Some days will be below average, and that’s normal.

Think about what could go “right.” To avoid focusing on the negative, consider positive “what if” situations. For example: What if this idea isn’t stupid, but is the breakthrough that moves the project forward? What if this #proposal revolutionizes how we work as a team? What if the senior #leadership team loves my presentation?

Timebox your feelings. Set a timer for between 30-50 minutes (the time it typically takes for feelings like shame to dissipate) and allow yourself to fully #experience and #process your emotions.

Once the timer goes off, make a conscious choice about how to put those #feelings behind you and move forward. (by #hbr)

And now - that you can feel better about yourself already ..

Get out there & enjoy for a moment watching Mather Nature celebrating a fresh start:)

Good Luck Everyone!

Team Humantelligence - Europe & Humantelligence - Hungary

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