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Building a Network on LinkedIn - is timing important?

Studies show because we follow a seven-day cycle, we actually build #associations with different days of the week. With #Mondays and #Fridays being the strongest. Scientific research indicates:

"They found that Monday and Fridays have a higher number of #mental representations attached to them than their midweek counterparts - giving them stronger identities than Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Conversely, these non-descript mid-week days carry less meaning, making them more easily confused with each other.

Mondays mainly prompted negative words like 'boring', 'hectic' and 'tired' and Fridays were #associated with positive words like 'party', 'freedom' and 'release'


What times of the week are you getting the best response rates on LinkedIn &

What days are You Usually #active on the platform?


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