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Cultural Diversity in Teamwork - Will it be your twin turbo charge in 2021?

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Large Corporates like #Huawei #Lenovo #ZTE or #BYD always will be facing one factor in their business development processes-synchronisation of different types of cultural backgrounds and get them working in punctual, précised harmony. What are the key elements of effective team work in diverse cultural environments?

A few good pointers:

  • Understand the Nature of Creative Problem-Solving. The process of innovation in a diverse workplace is not always nice to look at as an outsider. In fact, it’s likely to be non-linear, sometimes irregular, and at times, downright messy.

Whenever possible, just step back and give your diverse team the time and space necessary to work things out in their own unique way.

  • Push Your Team Past the Herd Instinct. We tend to gravitate toward people who share our views, opinions, and backgrounds. It’s human nature to seek validation in others who are similar to us. But in order to truly reap the benefits of workplace diversity, it’s important to shake things up a bit. Create cross-disciplinary teams that cut across cliques, departments, and social groups. This is the kind of environment where truly meaningful innovation can take root.

  • Cultivate an Organizational Culture that is Genuinely Open to New Ideas. Even the most diverse team won’t be able to inject innovation and creativity into your organization if they sense that new ideas aren’t welcome. If your company has a traditional, hierarchical structure and culture, it may take some time to get to the point where subordinates feel comfortable exercising their creative problem-solving skills. You can facilitate this process by lavishly praising and, more importantly, respecting your staff’s input, feedback, and suggestions.

  • Expect Conflict — and Plan How to Overcome It. The workplace diversity research tells us that great new ideas are often borne out of the clash of different perspectives. On a surface level, this collision of different worldviews and attitudes can often result in conflicts between employees. It’s best to take a proactive approach to address the unique challenge of conflict in a diverse workplace. For example, it may be beneficial to train your staff in the basics of effective cross-cultural communication. Also, agree on an organization-wide game plan for resolving workplace conflicts in a civil, compassionate manner.

As being a multicultural company, we fully understand and value the opportunities given be the different mindsets and views - We are able to share with each other and create something unique and effective for our Client's exact needs - and in most cases - that won't be possible any otherwise:)

Take advantage of these challenging times, have moment & a close look, what can you do to create better dynamics in your operating teams - how could benefit more equally both your team members and company profits using these diverse creative energies?!

Team Workplus wishes you a Terrific Day !!!

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