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Decision making in 2020, The Year of COVID19 - Factors to Consider or "The Little List "

At Workplus, we are all about development in one way or the other ! Learning about our self's, learning a new language can better our thinking and wider our horizon of opportunities just as dramatically, like having your team signed up for group coaching or give a brand a refreshment and prepare it to new markets! Decisions, decisions, decisions - right?

We've put together a "Little List" on how to make good(better) decision - and pick smarter choices!:)

Here it comes:

Identify the decision.

To make a decision, you must first identify the problem you need to solve or the question you need to answer.

Gather relevant info.

Do an internal assessment, seeing where your organization has succeeded and failed in areas related to your decision. Also, seek information from external sources, including studies, market research and paid consultants, like our professionals at Workplus ( considered a safe choice)

Identify the alternatives.

With relevant information now at your fingertips, identify possible solutions to your problem. There is usually more than one option to consider when trying to meet a goal - so keep your mind open to chose the right one.

Weigh the evidence.

Identify potential pitfalls for each of your alternatives, and weigh those against the possible rewards.

Choose among the alternatives.

By this stage, you’ve clarified what decision needs to be made, gathered all relevant information, and developed and considered the potential paths to take. In many cases Workplus Pro's getting involved at this stage - as a neutral strategic advisor can add serious value in vision, effectiveness and exact plan execution structure for example.

Take action.

Develop a project plan related to your decision, and then set the team loose on their tasks once the plan is in place. If your team works well, results wont be late to be shown.

Review your decision.

Once the project is set an running, schedule a review on your decision and steps were taken.

Did you solve the problem? Did you answer the questions you had prior? Did you meet your goals you wanted achieve?

We are always here to assist and advise your fast progress, at

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