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Don't let Burn -out - knock your awesomeness down

Mark Twain said once:

Most men die at 27, we just bury them at 72

Brilliant how well he observed the essences, what early stage burn out feels like to many.

Last few years were not easy.

You may even got use to it feeling on certain way and thinking, "nothing wrong in here. just keep on moving".

Its not always easy to understand - you need a break.

From stuff. Upsetting you.

If you experience any of these symptoms below:

Exhaustion. ...

Loss of enthusiasm for work. ...

Reduced work performance. ...

Worry and anxiety. ...

Sleep problems. ...

Physical burnout symptoms. ...

Irritability and mood swings.

It maybe time to take it easy for a bit - at least for this weekend!:)

If you can't solve the issue by yourself, don't be ashamed,

talk to a professional,

a friend or

a relative - if you think that can start you feeling better!

Good Luck Everyone!

Team WORKPLUS GLOBAL - Custom Solutions

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