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What do people turn to communities for?

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

I’ve always known that communities are an integral part of our society, but before working for Workplus Global I don’t think I gave the topic a deeper level of thought. Reflecting on this now I think about why this may be, and what it comes down to is this question – What do people turn to communities for?

My time is split between going to work, spending time with my partner, and seeing friends and family. Relationships on all different levels are what I believe keep me going and what they provide me with is all encompassing. They make me feel valued and loved, give me a sense of belonging and a purpose, provide me with emotional support when times are tough, they are ultimately what give my life meaning and direction.

I think to belong to community where similar values as ours are preferred is always a great feeling - I hope its gonna feel many of our page visitors great and get their thoughts on self or their business's development and new opportunities:)


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