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How to let an employee go - easy recipe by HBR

An #employee giving their notice doesn’t have to feel like the end of the #world — or the relationship. Here's how to respond in a #constructive and #professional way when a direct report tells you they’re quitting.

First, take a moment to digest the news. It’s OK to show you’re surprised or to say something like, “Wow, I wasn’t expecting that.” The last thing you want to do is react impulsively and say something you might regret. Show your #support and #genuine interest in why they’re leaving and what they’re going to do next.

And make sure to get #clarity on what they need from you — and what you need from them — before they leave to ensure a smooth #transition. This may involve some give-and-take and could include finishing a specific #project, training others, or even hiring their replacement.

Even if you’re upset, you want the person to leave with a good #impression of you and the #organization so you can all move on in a #positive way.

Team #Purposebuilthumanresourcesolutions wishes you a terrific Weekend!


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