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Leadership in 2021 - What's going to be Different ?

Demographic shifts with regard to the age, race and gender of employees across the world mean that the 2021 workplace will not look like the 2010 workplace.

Leaders will encounter a marketplace more globally dispersed. Many companies are embracing globalization: partnering with companies from other countries, setting up global headquarters outside their "homeland", and adjusting their cultures to support their global reach. Workplus Global is also went along those companies a couple of years ago . So we can tell you from our personal experience - it means continuously changing work hours, cultural-awareness training, team-leading with offshore counterparts, and an increasing reliance on social and digital technologies. That is why planning and preparation so crucially important.

Leaders can’t afford to merely function in supervisory roles. They must act as a hub for rapidly cycling activity in all areas of the company. Effective leaders live in the day-to-day environment of operational execution and thus must be integrated with management. As one study notes, leadership involves leading from within, fitting into the group, and exerting influence—not imposing views.

Team development and integration are becoming more and more standard as younger generations consider work an integral part of their lives and they want to be comfortable. Thus, they need their job to be fulfilling and hold the promise of advancement. On top of the open feedback loop they want from bosses, they also want career guidance, relevant training, learning opportunities, and to feel part of a community. A leader with a collaborative mind-set spends time on building rapport and trust. Focusing on the individual will be the key to retaining employees, as the 2021 leader forges teams that rise to the challenge of networked leading. (source:Jeanne Meister/Karie Willyerd)

Even trough Challenging Times are forecasted for next 12-18 months, we at #workplusglobal believe , that

  • Realistic Consideration of Strategy

  • Market & Company Analysis

  • Strategy Plan with Flexibility - cost & time efficiency in focus

  • Project Preparation

  • Plan Execution in steps

  • Continuous Result Monitoring and Necessary Adjustments

will be a Strategic Leader's best base toolkit in 2021 !!!

Stay Calm - Stay Focused - Stay Structured :)

Team Workplus wishes you a Terrific day !

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