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Learn - Network - Built Week at Workplus Business Boutique

#Sparkling & Exciting Week Behind Our Team,

Really Living Up to some of our basic company principles last week:)


Our Colleague, Borisz just passed his final exams and became a

EU Certified Agro Business Development Advisor!


-#Nurture your #relationships

Krisztina had a great opportunity to catch up with old and new partners at Jádi Németh Andrea's International Law Office and Joint Venture Hungary's birthday celebrations which where #exceptional examples of a true " Business & Pleasure " experience!

Thank you for the invites again:)

-#Explore new paths

New Colleagues & Fresh knowledge and #perspectives bring always fresh synergies to our dynamic team tables... Rebi, Andras & Thomas - Welcome On Board:)

We hope your week goes just well as ours - have a wonderful day:)

Good Luck Everyone!

More pictures at:


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