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Perfectionism in 2021 - Do we know, where to stop before it becomes over the top?

#Perfectionism is often driven by striving for excellence, but it can be self-sabotaging.

There are three big mistakes that tend to kill perfectionists’ productivity.

First, they are often unable to designate any decision as unimportant which prevents them from quick action or #delegation.

Second, they feel #morally obligated to overdeliver.

Third, they rigidly cling to habits that might no longer be serving them. #Awareness is the first step in overcoming these problems.

Perfectionists can also develop heuristics, such as “if I have thought about this choice three times, I will make a call and get on with it,” picking areas in which to #overdeliver and areas in which meeting expectations is okay, and reviewing #commitments to make sure they are still of use.

Do you carry the "burden" of a Perfectionist?

How do you tackle your "ticks"?

Any suggestions - how to get over our own built boundaries to reach success ( in time)?

Good Luck Everyone!

Team WORKPLUS GLOBAL - Custom Solutions


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