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Power of Mentorship in 2022

The #research on the power of mentorship is pretty clear:

People with mentors perform better, advance in their careers faster, and even #experience more work-life #satisfaction. And mentors benefit, too. After all, “to teach is to learn twice.”

Despite all these benefits, and even though 76% of working professionals believe that a mentor is important to #growth, more than 54% do not have such a #relationship.

The problem is often that people don’t know how to find a mentor or establish a relationship.

So, what can you do - to find the right mentor for you?

1. Define your #goals and specific #needs.

Get out a pen and paper, and write out your career goals. Make sure they are SMART. Then, list out some of the biggest obstacles to achieving them.

2. Write the “job description” of your ideal mentor.

Equipped with your goals and what you need to help achieve them, think through how a mentor can help. Write out the type of mentor that can help you seize your biggest opportunities and/or navigate your challenges.

3. Search for mentors through your second-degree network.

Mentors can be from anywhere. They can be from your LinkedIn network, professional connections, or people you’ve met at conferences.

4. Asking someone to be your mentor the first time, second time, and even third time is a little awkward. It’s likely you’ve never been asked to mentor someone else, nor taught how to make the ask for yourself.

Good Luck Everyone!

Team Workplus

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