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Resolve Work Conflicts in 2022 with Ease ! Humantelligence-Europe powered by Workplusglobal

Conflicts at work are never fun.

Our team at WORKPLUS GLOBAL - Custom Solutions, as working in #HR and #businessdevelopment advisory field are continuously are #involved in #companies everyday life, so we see how healthy company culture is dramatically affecting the seriousness of those conflicts at work.

What do we know about these #conflicts and how we can simply #resolve them?

There are four common kinds of conflicts in work places: conflicts due to #personalities, #interests, #beliefs, or #values.

In order to effectively manage or resolve conflicts, it is #important to first #diagnose the kind of conflicts one is dealing with.

Each type of conflict would require a different approach. The key asset for solving personality conflicts is your emotional IQ, or #ability to read others #emotion or #opinions.

Ability to read people’s body language is hard to begin with, but increased #reliance on virtual #interactions make it even more difficult.

Interest conflicts on the other hand would require an #investigative#mindset.

Using the framework for business #negotiation, different parties often have different #interests or #priorities.

Investigative approach would allow parties to move away from positions and focus on integrating interests through collaboration.

Conflicts in beliefs can include disagreements in company mission, strategy, or approaches. Those conflicts typically are not settled by #negotiation or #compromise. Instead, persuasion is the skill to leverage.

If you are in a power of position, you can leverage your power to change behavior in the near term while hoping #behavior change would eventually led to #change in beliefs.

Finally, conflicts in #fundamental values such as honesty, social justice are #unconditional. The best approach is to encourage those conflicts by bringing them to the table and engaging the conversation.

Try to understand people’s #fundamental#values and focus on getting things accomplished in a way which is consistent with their beliefs.

One way is to do it and make it easy on yourself is:

Humantelligence - Europe

No, not trying to sell it to you, just give it a go and see it for yourself, and evaluate, how well this great software can help resolve not only work conflicts, but fluctuation and chances of burnout when applied on organisational scale!

Don't forget to take it easy on the weekend:)


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