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The Big Mianzi & Guanxi Question by Workplusglobal/Do we know how self represent while no bragging?

In most #Asian cultures, self-promotion is viewed negatively and every #culture has its own metaphor for those who are viewed overreaching.

WORKPLUS GLOBAL - Custom Solutions & Lakeside Institute 湖伴教育科技有限公司 had been working together in the past two years as #partners - to create an effective (24/7 live online) program to support Westerner companies and individual professional's "safe landing" in a very #dynamic but also very different #businessculture and environment.

In #China, bragging is not appreciated and it is referred to phrase which sounds pretty dramatic, something like - "It is birds who stick their heads out first get shot (枪打出头鸟)".

For many of us who grew up in a #culture which #values humility and modesty, the idea of drawing attentions to ourselves seem distasteful. In American, it is a somewhat different story. It is branded differently, but assertive self-confidence is part of the American culture, especially in the #businessworld where everyone thinks they are above average.

Even phrases such as “do not blow your own horn” are often used in such a way for #humble bragging: “I am not blowing my own horn but I work a lot quicker than most #people.

” While bragging is generally viewed as a negative quality, there is nothing wrong with giving oneself a #mentalpat on the back for a job well done which could help boost the feelings of self-efficacy and prepare one for future successes. You don’t have to always hide your light completely under a bushel.

How to not kill your business buzz - while still showing a prosperous "face"?

Here You go with some simple tips:

#Sharewhenasked. Humility is admirable. But if someone requests information or an answer that requires you to reveal positives about yourself, you should oblige.

#Sharewhenothersaresharing. The penalty for bragging seems to dissipate when others in the room are engaging in self promotion.

Find a promoter. No one brings an agent to work, but you can find intermediaries, including your peers, bosses, mentors, and sponsors, who will be happy to speak on your behalf - as long as you are respectful in your solicitation. If someone unexpectedly compliments you publicly, resist the instinct to humbly downplay it: a smile or a simple thank you will suffice.

#Strikeabalance. Even when you see a clear opening to highlight your accomplishments, you should be measured about it.

Celebrate the right way. We all want our achievements to be recognized and applauded and there are ways to celebrate without coming across as boastful.

(source LinkedIn)

Once you get use to it - these tools can work like magic:)

Good Luck LinkedIn Members!

(source LinkedIn)

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