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The Big Telemedicine Question - Is it here to stay?

As Workplus is currently working in project, where telemedicine will play a huge rule at some stage - the topic is triggering daily our minds. On a good way.

The #pandemic has accelerated the transition to #telemedicine, and video medical visits are likely to continue to play a big role in #healthcare.

But telemedicine’s ultimate success will depend in large part on #technology—how seamless patients will find the process, and the digital divide that now keeps many physicians from offering telehealth services and patients from accessing them—and whether #doctors will overcome their resistance to not being able to put their hands on patients when examining them.

What is your opinion in regards - what will be the reality of telemedicine in 10 or 20 years time?

Good Luck Everyone & Have a Powerful Week!

Team Workplus

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