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The "Capitalist China" or do you know who Weijian Shan is?

Do You Know who Weijian Shan is?

If not and you want expend your operations its worth reading:)

Weijian Shan was born in China and had his life upended by the Cultural Revolution. #Educated in the United States, he worked for the World Bank and J.P. Morgan and taught at the Wharton School.

Today he is the CEO of PAG, a $40 billion private equity firm based in Hong Kong.

In this interview he talks about the #accessibility of the Chinese market, America’s demonization of China, what the Chinese don’t #understand about the U.S., and more.

Great article by harvard business journal - worth reading here below

Its not a promotion for hbr - simply a great article on Greater China and why its worth considering it as your new-future global business hub or hq:)

Good Luck Everyone!




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