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The Financial Pro Forma Question in 2021 - Would you skip this important step?

Today we had session with a new Client who had literally no idea at all - why would he need a new Pro forma for his planned overseas operations. He has the ones from his current #operations, lets just use those- why would be different, - he said.

So why is it #beneficial to him (or to anybody else in that matter to create a new Pro Forma?)

Well #Prepared Pro forma statements allow management to:

Identify the assumptions about the financial and operating #characteristics that generate the possible scenarios.

#Develop the various #sales and #budget (revenue and expense) projections.

Assemble the #results in #profit and loss projections.

Translate this data into cash-flow projections.

Once you've done it- you should be way more clear on the picture on how's? why's? and when's? also will help your plan to be worthy to show to banks(loan), govt.(contracts, grants) or angels(pr. inv.)

Good Luck Everyone!:)


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