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The Introverts Rise or Benefits of being an introvert in 2022 - by Workplus Global

One of our Pro's just recently worked with a firm, where the owner was a true #introvert, and somehow all his life was considering that as bad thing.

While in reality he and his firm was doing #well, his continuous self questioning and disbelief has put a toll on his general company culture as well, generating imaginary obstacles in progress.

He and his team are in the right mindset now, having the best time in company history.

So, we decided to put together a few pointers to all amazing introverts out there just make a point - you don't have to be "loud and proud" to show your greatness:)

Introverts possess many #abilities that can set them apart in the business world.


Play to your #strengths

You're a good listener. Introverts tend to be good listeners who process information before weighing in with their own opinion.

You think before you speak. ...

You're #observant. ...

You network effectively. ...

You lead better.

Groundbreaking research conducted by Wharton professor Adam Grant revealed that introverted leaders delivered better results when handling #proactive workers than extroverts. Because they are not looking for attention, introverted managers let their proactive employees take the spotlight.

Other signs you might have an introverted personality include:

You’re a good listener.

You prefer spending time alone versus in a large group.

You often #communicate better in writing than talking.

You generally dislike parties. After a while, you feel so drained, you begin to shut down. It takes you a long time to recuperate and recharge the next day.

You feel drained after too much visual or audio stimulation, especially in social situations.

You dislike being the center of attention.

You hate small talk.

You have no problem concentrating for long periods of time.

You have a small circle of friends you’re very close to.

You often think carefully before you speak.

You hate multitasking. You’d rather #focus on one thing at a time.

You enjoy working slowly and with focus, rather than finishing a project quickly “just to get it done.”

So - Dear Introvert, as you see - there is nothing to worry about, you rock and have capability to thrive, like no extravert can do:)

Good Luck Everyone!

Team WORKPLUS GLOBAL - Custom Solutions


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