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Understand what different type of advisors can do for you & and get a boost in 2021!

Some business #advisors and consultants offer broad-based, general advice and support. Business #mentors also offer broad support, but more by acting as a sounding board for your own ideas.

By contrast, many other advisors provide specific #skills or services in their particular area of expertise, such as accountants, lawyers and marketing #consultants.

As well as giving advice, many advisors can #help in other ways. For example, your advisor might train you to do something, or simply take on a task and do it.

You can use advisors to provide continuing #support - e.g. by having a regular monthly meeting or you might want help with a specific project.

When to use Advisors

Businesses often use advisors when something #changes - e.g. you decide to start #exporting, to upgrade your IT systems or to sell the business. Using an advisor is often helpful when you have a temporary requirement for #expertise. If you need skills and support longer term, investing in recruiting or training suitable employees may be more cost-effective.

An advisor can also provide the sort of independent advice and fresh thinking that can be difficult for employees who work full time in your business. Many businesses use mentors and non-executive #directors to provide this sort of support.

The starting point for finding the right advisors is to understand what you are trying to achieve, and what sort of #skills and #

Good Luck Everyone!

Happy Weekend!

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