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Lets make your way to success in China


Connect and promote your brand to Your Chinese Key Audience

As a regional communication leader, Taro-Rota shares it's best practices, specific know-how and experience with their clients.
Their Team is committed to guiding you to reach your business potential in China and to benefit from its opportunities.

TR About


Workplus Global Welcomes in Europe it's exclusive partner, TARO-ROTA Communication Consulting (TR) is PPC media group Shanghai branch company which is  a leading advisor for communication- based business strategies in China.

The head quarter is located in Beijing and further branch companies are situated in Shanghai, Chengdu and Qingdao.

Taro-Rota provides Integrated Marketing & PR Strategy, Branding, Digital & Social media Campaigns, Event-Live Communication and Sponsorships.


TR Services


Digital Marketing

Top-of-the-art digital services. We strive to be up to date with all the changes operating in the ever-changing digital communication environment.



Insights of the Chinese market and its very own specificities. In this changing market, TR strives for a better understanding of the regulatory environment, the consumers, the suppliers, and the competitors.

Live Communication

TS has the Experience and know-how in working with Chinese and western companies ranging from small and medium sized to multinational corporations in a multitude of sectors.

Taro Rota Clients

Taro-Rota measures It's Success

By it's Clients Success     

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Contact Us

777 South Flagler Drive

West Palm Beach , FL 

United States, 33417

Tel: +1 561 932 8117

19 Papír Utca 

Budapest, Hungary, EU 1165

Tel: + 36 20 9414614

5 Goldington Road, Bedford,

United Kingdom, MK40 3JY

Tel: +1 732 9414614

Yan ping road, n°425, floor 3,

office 312

Shanghai, China

+86 186 6801 6287

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