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Are you looking for dynamic 
business growth,
market expansion?

Workplus Global finds, trains, and motivates the most suitable candidates and employees for your vision, effectively supporting the strategic processes of personal, organization and business development.

No matter where you need us in the world!


The formula for effective corporate functioning remains complex in today's AI era. Quality selection processes and strategic organizational development cannot be solved solely with avatars.

Human management continues to be a decisive element in achieving goals. Therefore, our company provides our clients with a constantly evolving, versatile toolkit of training, tools, relationships, and development resources.

About Us

Early beginnings

Varga Krisztina, the founder and CEO of the company, recognized the opportunity as a practicing special education teacher. She identified the potential in the Hungarian corporate world, which was undergoing transformation at the time, and initiated her entrepreneurial journey in 1989 to support and develop it.

Past & Present

Our company, Workplus Hungary Ltd., has been actively involved in the development of the Hungarian and international labor market for over 33 years.

This rich history of successes and challenges, accompanied by our extensive network, experience, and professionalism of our skilled colleagues, ensures that we provide high-quality services to you, your company, or organization.

Present & Future

Our fundamental goal is to assist our partners in ensuring that their company operates as efficiently and effectively as possible. We aim to support them in optimizing their organizational structure and enabling their employees to perform their tasks with the required skills and quality.


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Reliable Companies, Impressive Positions

If you are looking to make a career change as soon as possible, apply for jobs at Workplus Global!

From entry-level to senior positions, we can help everyone find their dream job.

Easily and quickly discover the positions that best suit you with us!



Our partner relationships reflect that only imagination sets limits, not the industry itself.

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