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Measure, Manage & Hire for Culture

Create a culture by intention and build a high-performing organization

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1. Measure

Assess your culture in 10 minutes with our


Just like with any business related KPI,

you need measurable data to make sound decisions

about your people and your unique culture

at the individual, team, and organizational levels.

  • Our 30-year proprietary and technically validated, EEOC- Adverse Impact-compliant science measures what we call “BMW” in 10-12 minutes – what no other assessment can do in less than 1 hour.

  • Behaviors

  • Motivators

  • Ideal Work Environment

2. Manage

Align, Optimize culture using Culture Analytics

Use data to align culture intentionally at team, group, functional and divisional levels, all the way to the overall corporate culture of your organization. Get powerful insights and align your culture to your strategy, improving profitability. Learn why teams perform (and why they don’t) to course-correct, and standardize across your company, at all levels or regions.

  • ​Measure and gain insights for success

  • Understand what work motivators contribute to the team’s culture

  • Create a more effective and productive work environment

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3. Hire

Find candidates for your culture using Talent Fit

Team analytics can be used to address your unique needs; allowing you to hire more intentionally for culture fit, for performance and/or for diversity of thought. Use benchmarks at the individual, team, and organization level, to remove bias and offer more predictive success through quality hires that helps reduce turnover and improve profitability.

  • Select new hires faster. Eliminate 80% of the recruiting process.

  • Reduce subjectivity by over 80%, and increase diversity, by letting AI filter your candidates based on data, and presenting the best ones for interviews.

  • Identify opportunities for internal mobility

  • Choose candidates that are a better fit for your company – either cloning a profile or guaranteeing “diversity of thought”, depending on the role.

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subjectivity in

hiring by 80%

workplus global humantelligence software
workplus global project team with humantelligence

Streamline interview process by 90%

humantelligence europe workplus global

Improve employee engagement

*better collaboration, not another ineffective survey

Reduce your turnover by up to 40%

We believe that an aligned culture is the foundation for optimal performance


Gain efficiencies through ease of administration and quick rollout to employee base.


Highly scalable and secure, with an intuitive, user-friendly, in-depth culture analytics platform


Improved user experience and higher engagement with user choice of mobile device and platform accessibility from anywhere, anytime


Navigate easily between HR management software from top providers and our performance culture and recruiting tools.

Infuse AI to your HR systems to enrich your candidate and employee records and for smarter decisions.

Self Assessment

Our Self-Assessment tool measures the individual’s behaviors, motivators and ideal work environment, which uncovers the why, how and what about them when it comes to their work life.

  • Only takes 12 minutes to complete

  • Available from any device

  • Access online or download summary and detailed reports

  • Gain insights for more effective communication and better understanding of one another

  • Unlimited assessments at no cost with a platform purchase

Digital Work with humantelligence europe workplus global
workplus global humantelligence organisational transparency

Culture Analytics

Uncover unique culture insights for every employee in your organization. This is not what you might typically think of as HR database software.


Instead, our platform uses talent analytics and data aggregation to accurately measure culture at the team, group or divisional levels to create engagement and drive optimal workforce performance.

  • No need to hire external consultants

  • Gain valuable insights that help every team and the entire organization optimize their performance

  • Improve employee engagement

  • Measure and gain insights for success

  • Understand what behaviors, work motivators, work environments contribute to the team’s culture

  • Create a more effective and productive work environment

Talent Fit
for Recruiting

Fill positions and deliver data-driven recommendations to hiring managers with high quality candidates with strong culture fit, high engagement and ultimately long-term success.

  • Select new hires faster

  • Identify internal mobility opportunities

  • Select candidates for better fit with your company

  • Fill accurately positions that are harder to fill

  • Integrate seamlessly with your current applicant tracking system or our built-in ATS

  • Unlimited culture assessments

Running Tracks

Self assessment

The most comprehensive and quickest(12 min) self-assessment tool that measures behaviors, motivators and ideal work environment.

It delivers an online summary an in-depth report and is accessible on any device.

Culture analytics

Measure an understand your culture at all levels of the organization.


Get an accurate snapshot of team, group or divisional culture alignment through a broader understanding of the workforce.

Talent fit recruiting

Streamline the recruitment process, reduce subjectivity when hiring and access candidates and culture fit with the desired role.

Hire for fit and predictive success, improving employee engagement and reducing turnover.

Engagement Suite

Drive continual engagement of the entire workforce.


Action Management System, Engagement Surveys, Pulse Surveys and Continous feedback compose this powerful module.

Meet The Team

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Michael Hartschlagen

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Business Development Manager

Country Manager, Denmark/Germany


Jean-Philip Russo

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Senior Business Development Advisor

Operational Director

Central Europe


Leo Yixing Wang

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Business Development Manager

Country Manager, Netherlands/Belgium


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