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since 1989


Business Development Advisory

Our company's international business development consultancy and project management-related services play a crucial role in our clients' dynamic international growth, market penetration, and rapid success.

With over 20 years of experience, we excel in exploring product-specific markets, creating and presenting business plans, managing projects, and developing strategies for entering new markets.

With the assistance of our global team of experts and extensive network of connections, you can successfully build relationships, international networks, and foreign representations across the boundaries of the USA, European countries, and Hungary by choosing us as your partner in preparing for your company's future success.

You can enhance your business opportunities and effectively represent the international expansion of your enterprise.

Discover the possibilities of rapid international growth and success through our business development services.



Leadership & Lifestyle Coaching

You will become a confident and inspiring leader or enhance your skills in this area through our leadership and lifestyle coaching designed for corporate executives and business leaders.

Led by our international experts, our training sessions are specifically tailored to meet your needs, providing progressive tools for more effective decision-making, achieving leadership balance, and fostering an efficient internal culture.

Develop your leadership abilities and embrace a more harmonious and balanced life.

Female Mental Wellness

Our outdoor and sailing training programs, specifically designed for female business owners and executives, are based on proven methods.

They focus on the importance of mental well-being, recognizing and managing burnout, as well as strategic leadership elements. These training sessions, conducted in an outdoor or sailing setting, provide development opportunities and active relaxation for the participants.

Our experienced trainers, who have expertise in various life areas, time periods, and situations, strengthen individual self-confidence, self-representation, decision-making abilities, and leadership skills using effective tools. The outdoor and sailing training programs offer rejuvenation, inspiration, and long-term, deeply embedded results.

If you are a successful female leader who feels that personal energy, inner balance, and the interests of your company require you to take some time for yourself and recharge physically and mentally, we welcome your application!




Organisational Development

The organizational development services of Workplus Hungary provide highly effective support for your company.

Our experienced experts work with state-of-the-art tools, including process optimization, leadership and strategic development tools, and dynamic change management strategies.

Through customized strategies and efficient practical solutions tailored to your company, organization, and goals, we enhance your efficiency, competitive advantage, and overall performance.

Entrust us with the development of your company's organization to achieve and sustain outstanding results!


HR Outsourcing

Efficient and professional handling of HR tasks is essential for the smooth operation of a company.


This holds true even if the company does not have a dedicated HR department or expert.

HR outsourcing provides a solution for companies to outsource


workforce recruitment, administration, performance evaluation, labor law matters, and other HR processes, thereby strengthening the efficient functioning of the company.


Team-atic Adventure Trainings

We attach great importance to the goal-oriented nature of outdoor trainings, which we organize with high quality for your company in the most beautiful regions of our country, throughout Europe, and even overseas.

With the help of our experienced team, we effectively strengthen team spirit, internal dynamics, and develop a range of leadership skills and strategic vision.


Outdoor trainings provide a fresh impetus, foster closer workplace relationships, and enhance performance-oriented collaboration.

The development and competitiveness of your company are our top priorities! Let's get in touch!


Indoor Business Trainings

Optimize your company's sales processes, back-office services, leadership structure, internal communication, or team integration with our comprehensive indoor training programs.

Based on pre-conducted corporate culture assessments and led by experienced experts, our multi-level programs provide participants with effective strategies and practical tools to enhance team dynamics and improve overall communication skills.

Unlock new opportunities for your company and embark on strategic development with those who are the most valuable assets to your organization: its employees and leaders.

Build a transparent, high-performance corporate culture with our tailored indoor training solutions.



Workplus Global offers premium-level, professional recruitment and selection services that guarantee you will find the best, most suitable professionals for your company.

Our personalized candidate profiling approach and extensive network of connections ensure cost-effective and time-efficient identification of candidates or new talents, as well as successful organizational integration of new employees.

Choosing Workplus Global is a risk-free decision when it comes to selection processes!


Tests & Evaluation

At Workplus, we consider objective evaluations essential for individuals and teams.

Whether it's selecting the right candidate, talent management, coaching, development processes, or building effective teams, we always utilize purposeful tests and evaluation systems that aid in solving tasks.

In addition to the state-of-the-art collaboration and selection-support system, Humantelligence Platform (see separate page), we are experts in DISC, Profiles, and Captain test systems. We handle 360-degree evaluations and organize as well as facilitate AC/DC processes.

Our evaluation solutions are customizable to meet your individual needs, whether it involves evaluating individuals, teams, or entire organizations. By combining quantitative data, qualitative feedback, and detailed analysis, our evaluations help identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for development.

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