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If a company or organization fails to provide opportunities for its members to participate in quality outdoor team-building activities from time to time, it can result in long-term issues such as burnout and disengagement, which can hinder effective work.

The lack of a unified team spirit and motivation will be noticeable, and there may be an increase in employee turnover and a decrease in performance and effectiveness.

Choose from our basic models or describe what you envision for your company, and let's start collaboratively developing a program agenda tailored to your organization!

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TRN-X Theatre Adventure Training

A small theater in downtown of your chosen city(your team's location) is taken over by your company for a day. The task at hand is to create a complete theatrical performance from morning till evening.

Creating a production as a shared goal requires serious coordination, collaboration, and communication; without trust and support among the participants, there can be no show.

The focus shifts to getting to know and understand each other better, helping one another, and developing self-awareness. Themed plays, high-quality performance venues, and expert background support are provided.

With a great training team, an evening of applause and ovation is guaranteed! Contact us below to find out more!

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Goal Cooking

A team-building training with cooking? Workflow, coordination, collaboration, communication? Organization? Goal setting? Goal achievement through cooking!

Short, effective, experiential, and fun. One of the best evenings with colleagues? Fine wines? All of this in Europe, in the USA, or in the UK - in a professional kitchen, with a professional chef and expert trainers, in a stunning environment.

The experience of cooking is traditional, but the results are instant!

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Sailors of Wellness 

Uniquely designed leadership and team-building training on sailing boats on the waves of seas, oceans, or the sparkling waves of Lake Balaton, Garda or Chimsee or Ontario.

Who do we recommend it for?

For leadership teams seeking some variety, refreshment, and new perspectives as an experiential training, as well as for female leaders designed as exclusive, rejuvenating wellness workshops.

The serene environment and proximity to nature create a rarely accessible openness among participants. Depending on the thematic structure, it supports the participants' individual development and physical and mental revitalization.

Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Refreshment

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Onedin Outdoor Training-Method

The Development that can be Measured! Leadership Mindset Transformation and Team Building Training.

Who do we recommend it for?

We recommend it for leadership teams where development is needed in the following areas:

The system and methods of collaboration

Establishing common team goals instead of focusing on individual performances

Resolving potential personal conflicts that hinder teamwork and, consequently, the efficiency of the company.

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