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Flower Power Sessions
Mental Wellness for Lady Leaders

For every proactive female business leader and owner, it is important to participate in outdoor adventures and mental health-promoting workshops, to stay on the the top of their game.

These programs contribute to establishing a healthy work-life balance and help recognize or overcome symptoms of general fatigue and burnout.


Leaving routines behind

Events of this nature provide an opportunity for female leaders to break free from their everyday routines and enrich themselves with new challenges and experiences.

Outdoor activities, such as unconventional outdoor adventures or themed sailing programs, offer fresh air, a natural environment, and engaging activities that promote rejuvenation and stress relief.

Consequently, these events create a space for female leaders to find balance in a relaxed environment, recharge themselves, and return to work with renewed energy.


Recognizing our limits

These programs not only serve to strengthen the balance between work and personal life but also draw attention to warning signs.


Female leaders often tend to overwork and neglect their own well-being, which can have negative long-term effects on their health and performance.

Such programs provide an opportunity to recognize signs of fatigue and burnout and learn how to effectively manage these conditions, for example, by acquiring techniques for active rest, deep relaxation, and stress management.



Outdoor "experience workshops" and programs based on activities such as sailing can offer numerous benefits to female business leaders and company owners.

They actively contribute to the renewal of creativity and inspiration, the exploration of new perspectives, and the development of problem-solving skills.

Furthermore, they strengthen leadership skills, teamwork, and resilience to stress.

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